Thursday, July 2, 2015


Gabe just celebrated his 5th birthday. A few months back I begin mentioning his big day and trying to get him to decide on a theme for his party. Generally it is a VERY big deal and we do games etc. However, the more I thought about it, the more it didn't make sense to have this huge party. Yes, he hit a milestone birthday but really he doesn't have his own set of friends yet. So we decided to just have cake and ice cream with family and friends. (Still wound up being a decent group though).

This all being said, brings me to the point of my post. BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! Just because we weren't throwing a huge party doesn't mean that Gabe can't have a kick butt cake. He finally chose LEGO's. But not just any LEGO cake, he wanted THIS Emmett cake.

UM! I don't think so. Glad he thinks so highly of my cake decorating skills. Eventually I got him to agree on a LEGO themed cake of my choice :D

I proceeded to search my most favorite of all sites Pinterest and found a few ideas that I liked. I found a lot of really cute and seemingly easy to do cakes, but I wanted something different. When I came across this blog, From The Mrs. showing how to make a number cake (#5 to be exact). I chose to make a blue velvet cake.

Then came the butter cream icing. I have tried numerous recipes and this one by far is THE BEST! Very simple recipe and not too super sweet either. This was only made to crumb coat the cake. Which took me years to learn you should do before decorating a cake.

It's not a KitchenAid but it gets the job done.

Next, the fun part. I wanted a Lego cake but did not want a giant Lego brick or anything fancy like what I was seeing so I took a few ideas from different pics.  I wanted Lego's on the cake but didn't want them to BE the cake. Then I found this blog...Chef Mommy...showing how to make lifelike Lego bricks. SCORE! It did take some time to complete but it was well worth it. By the way, The Cake Boss fondant is awesome. It is very easy to use and not hard or dried out like others I have tried in the past. I find it better for my stress and anxiety to buy the colored fondant and not try to make it on my own because it never turns out the way I plan. 

I already had the primary colors covered so I covered the cake in green fondant. I didn't use a big enough chunk of fondant and had to piece it together. You can see where I tried to smooth it out but it still was noticeable so I decided to use the Lego bricks to cover it up. Honestly I was worried at first on how I was going to cover it but I think it turned out great. Gabe loved it and even said that "Mommy always makes the best cakes!" 

The finished product...

Finished it up with blue piping, birthday boy wanted a green and blue cake, his name, and even used some of his Lego characters as candle holders.


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