Sunday, January 8, 2012

1 Week In...

And Operation Slimdown is right on track. 6.4 lbs lost in the first week. What What! Now I am NOT a "diet" kind of girl. I cannot be as disciplined as some people and cut out all bad foods and only eat healthy good for you stuff. If I tried, I would certainly fail. I need my chocolate and snack foods to get me through the day. OK, maybe I don't need them that bad but it would be very hard to cut them out, especially with the kids in the house.

I am certainly going to be realistic here, I understand that this was probably a beginner's fluke; but, it definitely makes for an awesome motivator. NOTE: If I can keep this up I will be back to pre-hubby weight in NO TIME! ;) Yes, it is all his fault. I gained 20lb in 3 months because all we did was eat McDonald's, Burger King, Arby's, etc. You get the point.

Jason and I have changed our eating habits by focusing on portion control and counting calories. I thought it would be difficult at first (I did this once before I got pregnant with Peanut) but it is pretty easy, especially with an app on my phone for MyFitnessPal. I even have Jason using it too. PSST...he is down 5 lb this week. WAY TO GO BABE! :)

Here is my motivation pic that is on my right before Jason and I started dating again in 2004.

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