Friday, March 18, 2011

Calling All Colors

You are being warned. I now have a way to use you to your full potential and I can't wait to get started.
I bought a color wheel the other day because I thought it would help with the whole process of scrapbooking. My main issue is that I second guess the layout over and over again. I lack the ability to truely visualize something in my head and make it happen in real life.

I googled how to use the color wheel because I obviously was not paying much attention in Art class in school. And to my surprise found an awesome site. Let me rephrase that, I saw an awesome portion of a site I frequent often that I never even knew existed. It is called Scrap By Color!. Basically it is the exact same thing as my color wheel I bought except 1) it is online. 2) I can upload the pic I plan to scrapbook and it will give me color ideas based on the colors in the pic. And 3) it tells me which colors would look best based on the color wheel. Did I mention it was online :D I love that I am able to plan the page, the color scheme at least, online so that it leaves less to figure out and hopefully help me scrapbook more pages.

Check it out yourself here.

I know what I plan on doing tomorrow. :)

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