Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Almost 2 months!!!

Since I last posted. That is not good. What is also not good is that not only am I slacing off with the blog but I have slacked off with the coupons too. I plan to get those in order tonight while catching up on some TV shows.

Gabe is 8 months now and started to crawl. Well, not really crawling but more like a military style commando crawl. It is too cute and he is pretty darned fast. We have kind of hit a small speed bump because he has stopped eating baby food. He doesn't seem to show an interest in it anymore, at least not with me. He did eat pretty good for my sis today so I think he just doesn't want me to feed him. He would rather nurse. I don't blame him though, I enjoy the bonding we get. He is an awesome little Peanut in the mixed nuts that I call my family. :D

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