Friday, January 7, 2011

So much for blogging everyday

I have been having issues with my Internet service for about a year now. It is off and on issues but within the last few months it had gotten progressively worse that about every 15-20 minutes I would get this error message about rebooting the system.

Can I tell you how annoying that is? I am just glad that I made it through the semester of school before it started to get worse. I finally got fed up with it and called the company. After troubleshooting over the phone, AGAIN, the nice young lady said that I needed a new modem but unfortunately it was going to cost me. OF course it was.

I got the new modem yesterday and finally got around to installing it today. I am in l♥ve!!! After getting it installed and setup I went and started messing with our home network. Don't worry nothing major, just putting names to the correct IP addresses. Tomorrow I plan to fix it to share files throughout hte computers. I guess I am a slight nerd at heart. :)

Crossing my fingers that this really was the cause of the connectivity issue. If not, we are going to be out more than $60.

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