Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holy TP Batman

Sooo...thanks to my new love of We Use Coupons I am trying my hand at the whole CVS game again. I had tried it once before but never able to do as well as others I knew.

The whole idea is to go in and spend as little out of pocket (OOP) as possible. It is also important to try and get more ECB's (extra care bucks) to use towards future purchases which help to reduce total OOP.

So with this being said, there was a deal on toilet paper and a few other items that if you purchased $25 of product you get back $10 ECB. For a "first time" I think I did pretty good.

1st Transaction
1 Quilted Northern 12 double rolls - $7
2 Angel Soft 24 rolls - $9.99 ea
- $0.50 Northern
- (2) $0.50 Angel Soft
OOP = $27.64 ($0.38 per roll --where double roll is counted as 2 rolls)
ECB received = $10

2nd Transactions
(2) Huggies jumbo diapers 36ct - $8.99 ea
- $10 ECB
- $3 manufacturer coupon
- $2.50 manu. q
- $1 ECB
OOP = $2.84
ECB received = $1

Although I did need TP,I now have a mini stockpile,  the diapers are the real score here... $0.04 per diaper :)

Looking forward to more CVS deals.

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