Monday, January 3, 2011

And here's to weightloss

Gabriel is 6 months now and I have not gotten back to my pre-preggy weight. *crys* I have people tell me that I look great and that I look like I am losing the weight, which makes me feel good, but I don't see it. Mainly because that scale is just not budging with the numbers. :( Maybe it is broke ;)

I use MyFitnessPal for their calorie counter and wouldn't you know it, they have an app for my phone that will allow me to track my calorie intake/burned while I am out and about. (Woot Woot) I also found out that because I nurse my son, I am burning up to 500 calories per day. So that means that I get to eat 2080 calories per day versus the 1580 they reccomended for height and weight. Unfortunately, this being the first day of me counting calories, I have went over my limit by 126 calories :( Not too bad but I definitely need to rethink what I am eating. I also need to remember to spread my food intake throughout the day so I don't snack a lot. Oh and drink more water.

Does tea count as water intake? Hmm.

Well it is only day 1 and I have not started adding in exercise yet either so we will see. 35 lb. in 5 months. I think I can do it.

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