Friday, January 7, 2011

So much for blogging everyday

I have been having issues with my Internet service for about a year now. It is off and on issues but within the last few months it had gotten progressively worse that about every 15-20 minutes I would get this error message about rebooting the system.

Can I tell you how annoying that is? I am just glad that I made it through the semester of school before it started to get worse. I finally got fed up with it and called the company. After troubleshooting over the phone, AGAIN, the nice young lady said that I needed a new modem but unfortunately it was going to cost me. OF course it was.

I got the new modem yesterday and finally got around to installing it today. I am in l♥ve!!! After getting it installed and setup I went and started messing with our home network. Don't worry nothing major, just putting names to the correct IP addresses. Tomorrow I plan to fix it to share files throughout hte computers. I guess I am a slight nerd at heart. :)

Crossing my fingers that this really was the cause of the connectivity issue. If not, we are going to be out more than $60.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holy TP Batman

Sooo...thanks to my new love of We Use Coupons I am trying my hand at the whole CVS game again. I had tried it once before but never able to do as well as others I knew.

The whole idea is to go in and spend as little out of pocket (OOP) as possible. It is also important to try and get more ECB's (extra care bucks) to use towards future purchases which help to reduce total OOP.

So with this being said, there was a deal on toilet paper and a few other items that if you purchased $25 of product you get back $10 ECB. For a "first time" I think I did pretty good.

1st Transaction
1 Quilted Northern 12 double rolls - $7
2 Angel Soft 24 rolls - $9.99 ea
- $0.50 Northern
- (2) $0.50 Angel Soft
OOP = $27.64 ($0.38 per roll --where double roll is counted as 2 rolls)
ECB received = $10

2nd Transactions
(2) Huggies jumbo diapers 36ct - $8.99 ea
- $10 ECB
- $3 manufacturer coupon
- $2.50 manu. q
- $1 ECB
OOP = $2.84
ECB received = $1

Although I did need TP,I now have a mini stockpile,  the diapers are the real score here... $0.04 per diaper :)

Looking forward to more CVS deals.

Monday, January 3, 2011

And here's to weightloss

Gabriel is 6 months now and I have not gotten back to my pre-preggy weight. *crys* I have people tell me that I look great and that I look like I am losing the weight, which makes me feel good, but I don't see it. Mainly because that scale is just not budging with the numbers. :( Maybe it is broke ;)

I use MyFitnessPal for their calorie counter and wouldn't you know it, they have an app for my phone that will allow me to track my calorie intake/burned while I am out and about. (Woot Woot) I also found out that because I nurse my son, I am burning up to 500 calories per day. So that means that I get to eat 2080 calories per day versus the 1580 they reccomended for height and weight. Unfortunately, this being the first day of me counting calories, I have went over my limit by 126 calories :( Not too bad but I definitely need to rethink what I am eating. I also need to remember to spread my food intake throughout the day so I don't snack a lot. Oh and drink more water.

Does tea count as water intake? Hmm.

Well it is only day 1 and I have not started adding in exercise yet either so we will see. 35 lb. in 5 months. I think I can do it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's Clean!!!

But for how long? That is the question. After church today I worked on cleaning my office while everyone else took a nap. It only took me about 2 hours so not too bad.

Here are the after shots.
Interesting how less cramped it looks after cleaning up the clutter. LOL

Now that my scroffice is nice and clean I can get started on my layouts. First step, Sam's 1 year album. I already have the pics printed out in 4x6 prints and I found this awesome blog, Got Sketch?, that has a bunch of sketches of layouts using 4x6 photos. She has other sketches too but the 4x6 LO's is how I found her blog.

I will show some pics of finished pages as I go along.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope everyone's 2011 has started the New Year off right. We had a good day today. We of course watched the ball drop at midnight then watched a movie. A Man Apart with Vin Diesel and Lorenz Tate. It was a really good movie. Slept in til 10am and then went to celebrate the 40th birthday of a good friend of ours.

Now hubby is watching the college games like he has since we got home and I am playing on the Internet, go figure.

I should straighten my scrapbooking table up so I can get started on Resolution #2: Scrapbook 5-7 pages a week and Resolution #3: Catch up on scrapbooking. Matter of fact I think I will do that.

Here is the before of the clutter.