Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution #7

Coupon, Coupon, Coupon

I have been actively couponing for about 3 years now. And honestly, it is kind of addicting. To be able to walk out of the store saving more money than you spent is such an awesome feeling. I remember the first time I saved over 40% on my grocery bill (Actually it was 63% that trip) I wanted to dance out of the store. I immediately called my hubby but he wasn't nearly as excited as I was.

I watched this show the other night on TLC called "Extreme Couponing" and now I am on a major mission. The show followed 4 people on an extreme shopping trip. Two of the people went in and purchased A LOT of groceries, MrCoupon (as he is referred to on his website walked out with 1100 boxes of cereal that he donated to his curch's food bank and only spent around $150. I later found out that they don't normally shop that big but WOW! it was pretty awesome. Now I do not want to go in shopping like that, donating or not, because 1) I simply do not have the room and 2) my hubby would kill me. LOL. Anyway, I am rambling now. My point is that one of the women on the show had 21 bottles of soda and paid very little for them. I want to do THAT! They were still buying meat and veggies and were still able to walk out paying less than 30% of the total bill. So my l♥ve of coupons has grown.

I have been printing coupons for the last 2 days and even found this really awesome grocery tracker app for my phone. Grocery Tracker allows you to have an inventory of your groceries (WHAT!) and you can make grocery lists as well. The really cool part is that you can have different lists for different stores, also you can put in the prices for each item. There is even a spot to enter in your coupons and it calculates the amount you will pay AFTER tax and coupons. I can't wait to try this out. So far I am in LOVE with it. I will let you know how it works when I can fully use it. However, all day today I have been scanning in my whole pantry. Oh yeah, did I mention you scan the barcodes of the items to enter them into the database (WHAT WHAT!) Yeah, hubby was really loving that. haha

So here's to lot's of savings in the New Year!

2011 Here I come.

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