Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of Year Report Card

So here it is, almost the end of the year. My first year trying out the whole blogging thing. What would my grade be if I were graded on this past year?


Saturday, January 2, 2010 Going to try this out

I feel that I am fairly competent with the Internet and computers. I am, after all, taking online classes through the local college to get my associates degree in Administrative Office Technology. Expected date of graduation, May 2011. Woo Hoo. I have Yahoo'd, MySpace'd, and Facebook'd (I am slightly addicted to that one, I love all my "friends"). But I have never really tried the whole blogging thing. So we will see how this works out.
 I see lots of other people out there with really cool sites and lots of interesting information and it seems simple enough. It can't really be all that hard...Can it?

 So, apparently it is harder than I anticipated. LOL I did pretty good at first but the last 3 months did me in. I am finally done with school. D.O.N.E. I graduate in May. So happy for that. Got caught up on sewing projects that needed to be done, through with the holidays which went well, and I even got my coupon binder organized again. YAY!!! I am caught up on all the TV shows I watch and found a few favorites too. I even went back and watched the whole series of LOST...awesome show.

So here is to the end of 2010 and hopefully a blog-filled 2011. :)

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