Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have You Seen My Post?

My sister called me this morning, like she does EVERY morning Monday-Friday, and that is almost always the first thing one of us says to the other. I am sure you all know what we are talking about here. Facebook. I love that site. But it is funny how we communicate mainly through there now.

Like I said, my sis and I talk everyday, just about all day. It all starts around 7am when one will call the other. That initial conversation usually lasts around 2 hours or until she needs to get off the phone. She actually has a paying job whereas I get to stay home and do housework all day. ;) For most people that would be the end of it until the next day, but no, not for us. Because now we have Facebook, and live chatting so our conversation drags on all day. Not constantly all day but periodically we will find ourselves chatting online. The part that is even more funny, maybe even sad to a point, is that we will be on the phone talking and on Facebook posting back and forth.

What do we have to talk about for this long is usually the first question we get asked and really we do not have a good answer for that because we talk about everything. ;)

Who would have thought

That having a baby would be this much of a deterent to the Internet? LOL I come on here to finally post again and realize it has been almost 2 months. :o For shame!

Peanut, as I call him, is more of a Cashew now but will forever be Peanut to me. Even when he is 30 with a family of his own. Ok, maybe I won't still be calling him Peanut when he is 30 but I can guarantee that it will be in his Senior yearbook. :D You know, the whole full page ad you can buy and put pics and stuff on it. That is if they still do that when he graduates high school in 2027!!!

So anyway, nothing much new other than school for both the older boys' and myself. YAY!! My last semester and then I graduate in May. I am so excited.

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