Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

So I got to make my niece's baby shower cake and was super excited. For one that she actually trusted me to do it, she can be quite picky at times ;) , and also because I haven't worked with fondant much or sculpted figures either. We found the cake design on HERE. I was fairly confident that I could do that, or pretty darned close so I started practicing. My kids really love the practice cakes :) . The cake was made with regular yellow Duncan Hines cake mix. Chocolate store bought icing for the center and to crumb coat the outside then I made Marshmallow Fondant for the outside. The girl on top is actually made from both fondant and gumpaste.

Here is the finished product. What do you think?

Close up of the cake itself.

It is not perfect but I think it was a pretty good try.

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