Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

So I got to make my niece's baby shower cake and was super excited. For one that she actually trusted me to do it, she can be quite picky at times ;) , and also because I haven't worked with fondant much or sculpted figures either. We found the cake design on HERE. I was fairly confident that I could do that, or pretty darned close so I started practicing. My kids really love the practice cakes :) . The cake was made with regular yellow Duncan Hines cake mix. Chocolate store bought icing for the center and to crumb coat the outside then I made Marshmallow Fondant for the outside. The girl on top is actually made from both fondant and gumpaste.

Here is the finished product. What do you think?

Close up of the cake itself.

It is not perfect but I think it was a pretty good try.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good...I finally got my visual project for my Humanities class done, bit the bullet and took the kids to their dad's work and headed to class. I am NOT a group speaker person. Chandra Pierce, Dave Ramsey, more power to you. :) I did my project on Parenting Styles. Since I am a scrapbooker and I haven't really gotten my hands into it the last few months what better idea than that to do a visual project.  I thought it a bit "cheesy" at first but now I am pretty proud of myself. Here are some pics of it.

Oh oh oh, I even got to use some items I had from MemoryWorks that I wasn't able to find a use for yet. :D That is always a plus.

Going into the instructor's office I was very nervous and very down on my project. Then realizing that it is not an actual "presentation" it is more of a sit down and discuss type of thing. I felt more at ease, especially since there was only one other person there. All in all, the instructor liked it and I got a 100.

The Bad...TJ and Jason had their first game last night (Jason is the coach), and we lost 10-4 :(   I got some awesome pictures of TJ batting, pitching, and playing first base as well as some great shots of some of the other players. They all played really well and there are more games to be played. Better luck next time boys. Next game...tomorrow night @ 6pm.

The Ugly...My computer decided to eat the pictures from the DVD disc they were on. Not only have I lost the pics from last night's game but also from every other game my boys have played since 2008. :`( I am so upset about this. There is a small glimmer of hope that they may be able to be recovered but I am not holding out too much hope on that one.

All-in-all though the day has been a pretty decent one and a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders with that assignment out of the way.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in Business

My website is up and running again. Woo Hoo! So again, if you haven't caught it enough times yet, the new site is  BTW, I am having my hubby work on a logo for me and it will be the cutest thing. No hints, no clues, you will have to wait and see what it is. :-D

Well, this will be a short posting this evening as we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. I will be finishing up a project for school, working on my son's baseball team's banner, finishing up favors and decorations for my niece's baby shower this weekend, AND I still need to finish the pile of laundry that has accumulated in the house as well as clip and organize my coupons. PHEW! Not to mention I probably should squeeze in a trip to the dreaded DMV to finally drop off my old tags. BLAH, I am thinking at this point that I do not really need a receipt. Who wants to wait in that line.

First baseball game tomorrow night at 6pm. GO ORIOLES!

Name Change

Not for this blog BUT for my MemoryWorks website. I have a habit of letting my fingers move quicker than my brain sometimes and registered my site under a different name than I would have liked. It is in the process of being fixed but the new address will be... Nice huh? :) It is currently down at the moment but I will let you know as soon as it is back up.

The downside to this, again the fault of my fingers, is that I printed business cards out with the old name. *insert crying here* Good thing I did the printing at home and am only out about $3 LOL

Friday, April 9, 2010

Looky Looky

I finally bit the bullet and I am in business officially. I finally put in the money to get a website for my MemoryWorks business. I am super excited.

Check it out Create an account and shop away.

If you would rather a catalog, contact me through the site and I can get one to you. Cost is $5 and I will also include a coupon for $5 off your first order of $30 or more. Mention the coupon with your order.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Business Plan

So, I have been a consultant for MemoryWorks for a few months and never really tried toreally sell anything yet. But I think New Year, New Plan. I am in the process of planning an online party for my MemoryWorks business. Let me know if you would be interested in participating.

If you are not familiar with them, MemoryWorks is a direct sales company that sells top name-brand scrapbooking products such as Bo Bunny, Cosmo Cricket, Basic Grey, etc.

If you would like to look through the catalog online check out this link Spring/Summer 2010 Catalog.