Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Found Passion

Well basketball is FINALLY over and thank goodness TJ doesn't want to play again next year. I am so glad. It is not a bad sport it just isn't MY favorite sport. Baseball and soccer on the other hand, now those I can handle. The games are easier for me to pick up on and understand the calls and such.

Baseball starts up this month. Jason is super excited because he is coaching again this year. TJ is excited because baseball is his favorite of all the sports he has played. I am excited because I have decided to venture out from behind the "sports" and "auto" mode of my camera and am learning all the really neat things it can do.

This was/is my try at taking baseball action shots last season. You can see how this would have been an awesome shot  had it not have blurred. :(

Now thanks to some awesome ladies on's Photography Board I have learned some really great things and have come up with pics like this.

Yes, this is my goofball son, TJ. He likes trying to show off :) Normally this would have been blurry.

And now I am even delving into editing the photos too. I am so excited. So now I have one more thing to add to my list of loves.

Until next time...

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