Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Already slacking off

But I have a really good excuse though. Sunday night/Monday morning my youngest son decided to get sick in his bed. Ok, he didn't decide to it just happened. But then the rest of the early, early morning was so much fun. It included throwing up in my bed and then getting up 256 times to "really puke this time" which in fact meant "Hey mommy, let's count the tiles in the bathroom together." So needless to say, even after getting another 2 hours sleep after the older two went to school I was still pretty out of it and poor Sam was dragging butt too. You could really tell he wasn't feeling well because 1) he didn't eat a thing and 2) he barely moved from the chair all day. He didn't have a fever until 6 pm Monday night but after a dose of Motrin was A-OK and 100% on Tuesday.

Tuesday I have no excuse for not posting other than I just didn't really have anything interesting to post about. I did however make homemade french bread to go with dinner and it was super yummy. Here is a pic.

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