Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So yesterday was a BLAH day. I just felt really depressed most of the day. I am over it now. I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY! lol, Just in case you didn't know.

I found out about this really cool item, a Belly Bandit, from a site I frequent a lot and so I started looking up info on it. I was looking at the main site and then tried to find pics of people actually wearing them and before/after photos and come across this site...Best Baby They are having a giveaway for a Belly Bandit and I am so hoping I am lucky enough to win. The contest ends on Jan. 31, 2010 so if you are interested in it you need to hurry. If I don't win then of course I will be going out and getting one for myself. :D

Friday, January 22, 2010

Blah and YAY

I have come to realize that I dislike reading. Not recreational reading but the reading that you must do in order to get your degree. The topic is interesting enough but it seems as though the chapters are so long and I am a SLOOOWWW reader. This will be such a fun semester. LOL Hopefully this will be easier than it seems and thank goodness that I only have 1 more semester left after this one.

On a good note. I went to the doctor on Monday and got to see the baby. :) That is always a good thing. S/he is looking good. The only not so good but not completely bad thing is that because this baby is in my right side (I have uterine didelphys which is 2 seperate halves of a uterus) and it is a first time pregnancy in this side that it increases the chances of going into preterm labor. Crossing all my crossables that I don't though and have my scheduled c-section instead of an emergency one.

Here is Baby #4 at 13 weeks 3 days.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I started back to school yesterday. YAY!!! I was so excited going into this semester because I have one semester left until I get to graduate. So exciting. I take my classes online because it is easier with 3 kids and a hubby that works full time and we do not have to worry about childcare. I log in all amped to begin and reading over the syllabus and requirements and such. And what do I see? I have two, yes 2, oral presentations for one class and 1 oral presentation for the other to do that requires me to go to the school.

I suffer from social anxiety (self-diagnosed that is) and I am scared to death to speak in front of a group of people. I do not like having people stare at me. I am so afraid of public speaking that when I was in high school I would purposely "forget" my paper at home and take the point deduction so that I did not have to get up in front of the whole class. The nervousness has subsided some, for the moment, and I am fairly confident that I CAN DO THIS. Right now I am just focusing on getting the rest of my class work done without falling behind.

Wish me luck! I need it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Every Other Day???

So what was suppose to be an everyday blog is turning into an every other day. No biggie, I am at least updating it often so I am super proud of myself.

TJ and Jason had another game today and it was a good game. TJ scored a basket and I am so proud of him. However, bad mom that I am, I cheered when the basket was made but had NO CLUE which kid made the basket. :( I am truely upset because had I of seen him throw it I would have been the loudest parent out there. :D

Our church's ladies group met tonight also. Normally we play a game called Bunco which is super fun. Tonight however we talked about the direction we wanted the fellowship to go and had a really good time. Eating, talking, laughing. Certainly good for the soul. I always look forward to these get togethers.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Errand Day

I swear I am going to be late to my own funeral. Don't ask me how but I bet I will be. I wanted to run some errands today, 1) pay the water bill, 2) get Sam a much needed hair cut, 3) go have lunch with Jason, 4) go to Goodwill to pick up some maternity shirts as I am starting to outgrow my regular shirts, and 5) go buy write and wipe preschool workbooks for Sam. And the goal was to do this all by 2pm so I could make it back home in time for the school bus to drop off the kids.

Did this happen like I wanted??? NO

Instead, I didn't get out of the house until 11:30am. Paid the water bill. Went to get Sam's haircut but the 1 person working had an appointment coming in so I said I would come back later. Came back at 3:30 and now they were booked the rest of the day. So SuperCuts here we come...tomorrow. After the unsuccessful haircut we went out to have lunch with the hubby and left there around 1ish. Stopped at Goodwill and what should have been an in and out visit turned out to be AN HOUR. Oh my goodness, I was only looking at the one rack, and pretty quick too, and tried on about 10 shirts. Anyway, it is now 2pm and I need gas in the car. I made it home just in time to get the boys. Had to pick TJ up from tutoring and off we went to Summerville to get the workbooks. Aggrivation comes next when the store I went to, and spoke to yesterday and was told they would have the books today, and they only have 1 book that I needed. Ugh!!
On the way back home I stopped at Agape and picked up the book they had there and ordered the other book I needed. YAY! Should have just had him order it yesterday when I was there.  So I got most of them and managed to get a book to make my 10-yr old upset (it's the 4th grade multiplication workbook hehe).

We are waiting for the Wipe-Off Animal ABC's book. The Trace and Color is just a regular workbook.

On a positive happy note, Jason coaches small fry basketball for the recreation center and tonight was their first game (TJ is on the team too but was not allowed to play because he kept causing a fuss about doing his homework all week long). We won!!! 12-10 in OT (overtime). It was a really great game and the kids played their hearts out. I love that. I love the parents too. They were so lively and really made it even more enjoyable. Our next game is on Saturday.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Already slacking off

But I have a really good excuse though. Sunday night/Monday morning my youngest son decided to get sick in his bed. Ok, he didn't decide to it just happened. But then the rest of the early, early morning was so much fun. It included throwing up in my bed and then getting up 256 times to "really puke this time" which in fact meant "Hey mommy, let's count the tiles in the bathroom together." So needless to say, even after getting another 2 hours sleep after the older two went to school I was still pretty out of it and poor Sam was dragging butt too. You could really tell he wasn't feeling well because 1) he didn't eat a thing and 2) he barely moved from the chair all day. He didn't have a fever until 6 pm Monday night but after a dose of Motrin was A-OK and 100% on Tuesday.

Tuesday I have no excuse for not posting other than I just didn't really have anything interesting to post about. I did however make homemade french bread to go with dinner and it was super yummy. Here is a pic.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Point of my blog.

Guess I should actually get to the purpose of this blog. The whole point of Gina of All Trades is that I love to do all sorts of 'crafty' things (scrapbook, decorating cakes, baking, sewing, etc.) and I wanted to showcase my art for the world to see. Other than the various other sites I frequent that I post most of  them on.

So here is a sampling of what I like to do most.


Cake Decorating

and Sewing

Just a few things for now. As I start doing more again I will upload those pics as well.

I Know Right!

If Jason had a choice in the matter, that phrase would be included in the list of banned words for 2009. I say it all.the.time. For no clear reason either. My sister does too. So much so that neither of us know who said it first and who 'stole' it from who. No real meaning to this other than I said it today and everytime I do now reminds me that he doesn't like it. Guess what phrase is staying in my vocabulary in 2010???

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Going to try this out

I feel that I am fairly competent with the Internet and computers. I am, after all, taking online classes through the local college to get my associates degree in Administrative Office Technology. Expected date of graduation, May 2011. Woo Hoo. I have Yahoo'd, MySpace'd, and Facebook'd (I am slightly addicted to that one, I love all my "friends"). But I have never really tried the whole blogging thing. So we will see how this works out.

I see lots of other people out there with really cool sites and lots of interesting information and it seems simple enough. It can't really be all that hard...Can it?