Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution #7

Coupon, Coupon, Coupon

I have been actively couponing for about 3 years now. And honestly, it is kind of addicting. To be able to walk out of the store saving more money than you spent is such an awesome feeling. I remember the first time I saved over 40% on my grocery bill (Actually it was 63% that trip) I wanted to dance out of the store. I immediately called my hubby but he wasn't nearly as excited as I was.

I watched this show the other night on TLC called "Extreme Couponing" and now I am on a major mission. The show followed 4 people on an extreme shopping trip. Two of the people went in and purchased A LOT of groceries, MrCoupon (as he is referred to on his website walked out with 1100 boxes of cereal that he donated to his curch's food bank and only spent around $150. I later found out that they don't normally shop that big but WOW! it was pretty awesome. Now I do not want to go in shopping like that, donating or not, because 1) I simply do not have the room and 2) my hubby would kill me. LOL. Anyway, I am rambling now. My point is that one of the women on the show had 21 bottles of soda and paid very little for them. I want to do THAT! They were still buying meat and veggies and were still able to walk out paying less than 30% of the total bill. So my l♥ve of coupons has grown.

I have been printing coupons for the last 2 days and even found this really awesome grocery tracker app for my phone. Grocery Tracker allows you to have an inventory of your groceries (WHAT!) and you can make grocery lists as well. The really cool part is that you can have different lists for different stores, also you can put in the prices for each item. There is even a spot to enter in your coupons and it calculates the amount you will pay AFTER tax and coupons. I can't wait to try this out. So far I am in LOVE with it. I will let you know how it works when I can fully use it. However, all day today I have been scanning in my whole pantry. Oh yeah, did I mention you scan the barcodes of the items to enter them into the database (WHAT WHAT!) Yeah, hubby was really loving that. haha

So here's to lot's of savings in the New Year!

2011 Here I come.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Budgets Spudgets

Alrighty! So number 5 on my Resolution list is to create and stick to a budget and I finally sat down and have a workable budget. Woot Woot. Bad news is that I now need to find an extra $800 a month without getting a job. Haha, like that will happen right! Ok maybe I don't really need a job but we at least need to make it to tax time and bonus. The only reason it is that bad is that I have included into the budget a few extra categories. Here is a category view of the budget minus the amounts...

Car Loan
Gas for said car
Blow Money (both DH and I)*
Dining out*
School lunches and fundraisers for 3 kids*
Gifts (Christmas/Birthdays - including birthdays the kids may get invited to)*
Medical (Doctors/Medicines)*
Hair Cuts*
Pet Care*
Sports Recreation for 3 kids *

Items with an * are new categories that were not actually budgeted before but just kind of paid as we went if we could. Like haircuts, it has been at least a year if not longer since I have had my hair cut. :( New clothes? What are those? 

I swear I am slightly OCD. Why? Because for one thing, I use Quicken for my banking and have to have it exactly right. When DH and I first merged bank accounts he used to round his transactions up to the nearest $$ and that absolutely drove me nuts. I have been handling the accounts ever since :D Because I have to have it exactly right I spent the majority of the day yesterday trying to get the accounts for the house, our car, and my student loan accounts to match the statements online. OMGoodness, I do not understand Wells Fargo's system for applying payments but I will try to tackle that another time. I am pleased that I now can tell you in a split second how much we owe without having to log on to each account. What what!

Next up was to analyze my grocery spending. Last year at this time a friend of mine showed me an Excel spreadsheet to calculate spending vs savings. I was wanting an accurate calulation of the amount of money I save  using coupons each month and this spreadsheet is perfect. So today I sat down and entered in the month of receipts I have been meaning to input into the spreadsheet.

Resolution #6: Enter receipts immediately after grocery shopping so I do not have a pile to do at once. :)

The end result...Overall we saved 30% for the year. $975.58 saved in coupons alone. On top of that we saved $1,570.27 by purchasing during store sales. I seriously need to step up my couponing because if I would have been on my game the whole year (a few months we kind of slacked off using coupons) I would have totally made it under my budgeted amount.

Resolution #7: Coupon, Coupon, Coupon. ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It Is That Time Again...

You know the time. The time where we make resolutions to ourselves that we may intend to keep but know all too well may not actually happen. I know I am quilty of that.

And even though I know the odds are against me to complete a resolution I always do so anyway. Probably more out of habit than anything.

My Resolutions
1. To lose 35 pounds (preferably by May)
2. To scrapbook 5-7 pages a week (Goes with #3)
3. Catch up on scrapbooking.
4. Keep up with Blog
5. Create and stick to budget

End of Year Report Card

So here it is, almost the end of the year. My first year trying out the whole blogging thing. What would my grade be if I were graded on this past year?


Saturday, January 2, 2010 Going to try this out

I feel that I am fairly competent with the Internet and computers. I am, after all, taking online classes through the local college to get my associates degree in Administrative Office Technology. Expected date of graduation, May 2011. Woo Hoo. I have Yahoo'd, MySpace'd, and Facebook'd (I am slightly addicted to that one, I love all my "friends"). But I have never really tried the whole blogging thing. So we will see how this works out.
 I see lots of other people out there with really cool sites and lots of interesting information and it seems simple enough. It can't really be all that hard...Can it?

 So, apparently it is harder than I anticipated. LOL I did pretty good at first but the last 3 months did me in. I am finally done with school. D.O.N.E. I graduate in May. So happy for that. Got caught up on sewing projects that needed to be done, through with the holidays which went well, and I even got my coupon binder organized again. YAY!!! I am caught up on all the TV shows I watch and found a few favorites too. I even went back and watched the whole series of LOST...awesome show.

So here is to the end of 2010 and hopefully a blog-filled 2011. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have You Seen My Post?

My sister called me this morning, like she does EVERY morning Monday-Friday, and that is almost always the first thing one of us says to the other. I am sure you all know what we are talking about here. Facebook. I love that site. But it is funny how we communicate mainly through there now.

Like I said, my sis and I talk everyday, just about all day. It all starts around 7am when one will call the other. That initial conversation usually lasts around 2 hours or until she needs to get off the phone. She actually has a paying job whereas I get to stay home and do housework all day. ;) For most people that would be the end of it until the next day, but no, not for us. Because now we have Facebook, and live chatting so our conversation drags on all day. Not constantly all day but periodically we will find ourselves chatting online. The part that is even more funny, maybe even sad to a point, is that we will be on the phone talking and on Facebook posting back and forth.

What do we have to talk about for this long is usually the first question we get asked and really we do not have a good answer for that because we talk about everything. ;)

Who would have thought

That having a baby would be this much of a deterent to the Internet? LOL I come on here to finally post again and realize it has been almost 2 months. :o For shame!

Peanut, as I call him, is more of a Cashew now but will forever be Peanut to me. Even when he is 30 with a family of his own. Ok, maybe I won't still be calling him Peanut when he is 30 but I can guarantee that it will be in his Senior yearbook. :D You know, the whole full page ad you can buy and put pics and stuff on it. That is if they still do that when he graduates high school in 2027!!!

So anyway, nothing much new other than school for both the older boys' and myself. YAY!! My last semester and then I graduate in May. I am so excited.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

The difference 2 weeks make

So I was actually due July 23 and my niece was supposedly due on June 2 (we think her dates were wrong. You will see why in a moment). She had her baby girl on June 6th (9lb 10oz) and two weeks and one day later, on June 21st my baby boy decided to arrive (5lb 4oz).

So here is our 2 week difference. LOL

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have a BABY!

Gabriel Quinn was born on June 21, 2010 at 1:16pm via ceserean section. 5 lb. 4 oz. and 18.5 inches long.

Yes, it was early. And yes, this post is way late. However, you won't actually know the 2nd part as I am going to fudge the date I actually post this LOL.

I got up at 6am on the 21st in order to register for my last two college classes. I graduate in May 2011. After registering I got up to get something to drink when I felt something, wasn't sure what at the moment. Upon inspection it looked like it could have been my water breaking so I called the dr's office which had me come in to the labor and delivery at the hospital. I called my hubby who for whatever reason thought it was funny. He had just gotten to work BTW. Hubby gets home, we are getting the kids ready for some friends of ours who were going to watch them and we left them with the neighbors until the friends show up. Thankfully it was only 2 of our 3 kids as the other was away for the weekend.

We get to the hospital and as I am arriving on L&D I see my doctor. YAY for luck, he is the doctor on call. They do a check to see if it was in fact my water and it was so I was scheduled for a c-section. The surgery went great, I was awake for the whole thing and got to hear my baby cry. That is the most amazing sound ever. I was only 35 weeks 3 days along so he had to go to the nursery because he was having issues breathing.

To keep this post from being extremely long, he had RDS - Respitory Distress Syndrome, basically his lungs weren't quite developed yet so they had to give him some meds to keep his lungs from collapsing. In all, he was in the hospital for 9 days.

Welcome home Peanut!
At Birth

On his way home

Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Cake

So I have coined myself the family "Cake Lady" and have started making and decorating cakes for birthdays and holidays. Nothing for money yet just for gifts so to say. So Mother's Day was the 8th and I made a cake for my mom.

But not just any cake...

A flower pot w/flowers cake.
Everything is edible except the "stems."

It turned out really cute and I already have started planning how to make it better. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silly me

So apparently about a month and a half ago someone thought it would be fun to try and steal our debit card information. Thankfully for me and not so lucky for them I am very OCD about keeping my bank information up to date. It wasn't a large amount thank goodness but definitely something neither myself or the hubby did so of course we had to close the card and get new ones. On a positive note we got the money back Woo Hoo.

Anyway, because the card was closed my MemoryWorks site was shut down because apparently pregnancy has affected my fingers along with my brain. I could have sworn that I updated the payment info but I guess I didn't so it was down for a few days while I updated that information. Hopefully, no one tried to access it. :(

On a brighter note, I had a doctors appointment yesterday and all is still good. Nothing new to report.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

So I got to make my niece's baby shower cake and was super excited. For one that she actually trusted me to do it, she can be quite picky at times ;) , and also because I haven't worked with fondant much or sculpted figures either. We found the cake design on HERE. I was fairly confident that I could do that, or pretty darned close so I started practicing. My kids really love the practice cakes :) . The cake was made with regular yellow Duncan Hines cake mix. Chocolate store bought icing for the center and to crumb coat the outside then I made Marshmallow Fondant for the outside. The girl on top is actually made from both fondant and gumpaste.

Here is the finished product. What do you think?

Close up of the cake itself.

It is not perfect but I think it was a pretty good try.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good...I finally got my visual project for my Humanities class done, bit the bullet and took the kids to their dad's work and headed to class. I am NOT a group speaker person. Chandra Pierce, Dave Ramsey, more power to you. :) I did my project on Parenting Styles. Since I am a scrapbooker and I haven't really gotten my hands into it the last few months what better idea than that to do a visual project.  I thought it a bit "cheesy" at first but now I am pretty proud of myself. Here are some pics of it.

Oh oh oh, I even got to use some items I had from MemoryWorks that I wasn't able to find a use for yet. :D That is always a plus.

Going into the instructor's office I was very nervous and very down on my project. Then realizing that it is not an actual "presentation" it is more of a sit down and discuss type of thing. I felt more at ease, especially since there was only one other person there. All in all, the instructor liked it and I got a 100.

The Bad...TJ and Jason had their first game last night (Jason is the coach), and we lost 10-4 :(   I got some awesome pictures of TJ batting, pitching, and playing first base as well as some great shots of some of the other players. They all played really well and there are more games to be played. Better luck next time boys. Next game...tomorrow night @ 6pm.

The Ugly...My computer decided to eat the pictures from the DVD disc they were on. Not only have I lost the pics from last night's game but also from every other game my boys have played since 2008. :`( I am so upset about this. There is a small glimmer of hope that they may be able to be recovered but I am not holding out too much hope on that one.

All-in-all though the day has been a pretty decent one and a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders with that assignment out of the way.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in Business

My website is up and running again. Woo Hoo! So again, if you haven't caught it enough times yet, the new site is  BTW, I am having my hubby work on a logo for me and it will be the cutest thing. No hints, no clues, you will have to wait and see what it is. :-D

Well, this will be a short posting this evening as we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. I will be finishing up a project for school, working on my son's baseball team's banner, finishing up favors and decorations for my niece's baby shower this weekend, AND I still need to finish the pile of laundry that has accumulated in the house as well as clip and organize my coupons. PHEW! Not to mention I probably should squeeze in a trip to the dreaded DMV to finally drop off my old tags. BLAH, I am thinking at this point that I do not really need a receipt. Who wants to wait in that line.

First baseball game tomorrow night at 6pm. GO ORIOLES!

Name Change

Not for this blog BUT for my MemoryWorks website. I have a habit of letting my fingers move quicker than my brain sometimes and registered my site under a different name than I would have liked. It is in the process of being fixed but the new address will be... Nice huh? :) It is currently down at the moment but I will let you know as soon as it is back up.

The downside to this, again the fault of my fingers, is that I printed business cards out with the old name. *insert crying here* Good thing I did the printing at home and am only out about $3 LOL

Friday, April 9, 2010

Looky Looky

I finally bit the bullet and I am in business officially. I finally put in the money to get a website for my MemoryWorks business. I am super excited.

Check it out Create an account and shop away.

If you would rather a catalog, contact me through the site and I can get one to you. Cost is $5 and I will also include a coupon for $5 off your first order of $30 or more. Mention the coupon with your order.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Business Plan

So, I have been a consultant for MemoryWorks for a few months and never really tried toreally sell anything yet. But I think New Year, New Plan. I am in the process of planning an online party for my MemoryWorks business. Let me know if you would be interested in participating.

If you are not familiar with them, MemoryWorks is a direct sales company that sells top name-brand scrapbooking products such as Bo Bunny, Cosmo Cricket, Basic Grey, etc.

If you would like to look through the catalog online check out this link Spring/Summer 2010 Catalog.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it May yet?

If it was then I would be having a break from school for about 2 1/2 months. My baby would be almost here and I would be able to get some more scrapbooking done. I miss scrapbooking. I could do it more if I was better at micromanaging my time.

I did get to scrapbook a bit though earlier this month. :) My sister hooked me up with a "job" to make some invitations for her boss. That was super fun and opens up some ideas for me. I am also planning my niece's baby shower for the 17th and will be making the cake. Can't wait. I love cake decorating too. I am still learning but this is going to be a great cake. Pics to follow. So between school, family life, and preparing for an awesome cake I am still around.

Gabriel has been moving up a storm lately which is awesome. Jason thinks it is kind of creepy but I find it to be the most amazing gift ever. July 23rd can't get here soon enough.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Official

Baby Boy 4 is now officially Gabriel Quinn. I had the 20 week u/s scan and baby is still a boy. :) It would have been pretty cool if we were told a girl but I can be at ease now and start buying stuff. That is always fun.

Here are a couple of shots from the u/s

The appointment went well also and I was told that because the baby is located in a different uterus (I have Uterine Didelphys)than my other 2 pregnancies, that I could possibly have a vaginal delivery this time. Provided baby is not too big or breech. So we will cross that bridge when we get there and hope for the best.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Found Passion

Well basketball is FINALLY over and thank goodness TJ doesn't want to play again next year. I am so glad. It is not a bad sport it just isn't MY favorite sport. Baseball and soccer on the other hand, now those I can handle. The games are easier for me to pick up on and understand the calls and such.

Baseball starts up this month. Jason is super excited because he is coaching again this year. TJ is excited because baseball is his favorite of all the sports he has played. I am excited because I have decided to venture out from behind the "sports" and "auto" mode of my camera and am learning all the really neat things it can do.

This was/is my try at taking baseball action shots last season. You can see how this would have been an awesome shot  had it not have blurred. :(

Now thanks to some awesome ladies on's Photography Board I have learned some really great things and have come up with pics like this.

Yes, this is my goofball son, TJ. He likes trying to show off :) Normally this would have been blurry.

And now I am even delving into editing the photos too. I am so excited. So now I have one more thing to add to my list of loves.

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh gosh

See, I knew this would happen. I have completely good intentions to keep this up and here it is a few weeks out and nothing. LOL

Been pretty eventful. TJ has had basketball games and last night he scored the first 2 points. YAY!! About a week and a half ago we had a 3D u/s for Baby #4 and it is looking like it is Baby Boy 4. That is what I have been calling him. We went to this great place called Small Wonders Imaging in Summerville and the lady (Holly) was awesome. She got some really great shots too. Here is a pic from that scan.

And here is the pic I like to call the "money shot" LOL

I had my 16 week appointment (well I am actually 17 weeks) yesterday and everything looks good. Heartbeat was about 150. And I go back in 3 weeks for the anatomy scan when Baby Boy 4 will officially have a name. And I will have my regular 20 week appointment then too. I have been feeling a little movement lately and last night at TJ's game Baby Boy 4 decided it would be fun to kick the crap out of my side. First time I have felt it that strong. It was enough to stop me in my tracks. 

So that is me these last few weeks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So yesterday was a BLAH day. I just felt really depressed most of the day. I am over it now. I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY! lol, Just in case you didn't know.

I found out about this really cool item, a Belly Bandit, from a site I frequent a lot and so I started looking up info on it. I was looking at the main site and then tried to find pics of people actually wearing them and before/after photos and come across this site...Best Baby They are having a giveaway for a Belly Bandit and I am so hoping I am lucky enough to win. The contest ends on Jan. 31, 2010 so if you are interested in it you need to hurry. If I don't win then of course I will be going out and getting one for myself. :D

Friday, January 22, 2010

Blah and YAY

I have come to realize that I dislike reading. Not recreational reading but the reading that you must do in order to get your degree. The topic is interesting enough but it seems as though the chapters are so long and I am a SLOOOWWW reader. This will be such a fun semester. LOL Hopefully this will be easier than it seems and thank goodness that I only have 1 more semester left after this one.

On a good note. I went to the doctor on Monday and got to see the baby. :) That is always a good thing. S/he is looking good. The only not so good but not completely bad thing is that because this baby is in my right side (I have uterine didelphys which is 2 seperate halves of a uterus) and it is a first time pregnancy in this side that it increases the chances of going into preterm labor. Crossing all my crossables that I don't though and have my scheduled c-section instead of an emergency one.

Here is Baby #4 at 13 weeks 3 days.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I started back to school yesterday. YAY!!! I was so excited going into this semester because I have one semester left until I get to graduate. So exciting. I take my classes online because it is easier with 3 kids and a hubby that works full time and we do not have to worry about childcare. I log in all amped to begin and reading over the syllabus and requirements and such. And what do I see? I have two, yes 2, oral presentations for one class and 1 oral presentation for the other to do that requires me to go to the school.

I suffer from social anxiety (self-diagnosed that is) and I am scared to death to speak in front of a group of people. I do not like having people stare at me. I am so afraid of public speaking that when I was in high school I would purposely "forget" my paper at home and take the point deduction so that I did not have to get up in front of the whole class. The nervousness has subsided some, for the moment, and I am fairly confident that I CAN DO THIS. Right now I am just focusing on getting the rest of my class work done without falling behind.

Wish me luck! I need it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Every Other Day???

So what was suppose to be an everyday blog is turning into an every other day. No biggie, I am at least updating it often so I am super proud of myself.

TJ and Jason had another game today and it was a good game. TJ scored a basket and I am so proud of him. However, bad mom that I am, I cheered when the basket was made but had NO CLUE which kid made the basket. :( I am truely upset because had I of seen him throw it I would have been the loudest parent out there. :D

Our church's ladies group met tonight also. Normally we play a game called Bunco which is super fun. Tonight however we talked about the direction we wanted the fellowship to go and had a really good time. Eating, talking, laughing. Certainly good for the soul. I always look forward to these get togethers.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Errand Day

I swear I am going to be late to my own funeral. Don't ask me how but I bet I will be. I wanted to run some errands today, 1) pay the water bill, 2) get Sam a much needed hair cut, 3) go have lunch with Jason, 4) go to Goodwill to pick up some maternity shirts as I am starting to outgrow my regular shirts, and 5) go buy write and wipe preschool workbooks for Sam. And the goal was to do this all by 2pm so I could make it back home in time for the school bus to drop off the kids.

Did this happen like I wanted??? NO

Instead, I didn't get out of the house until 11:30am. Paid the water bill. Went to get Sam's haircut but the 1 person working had an appointment coming in so I said I would come back later. Came back at 3:30 and now they were booked the rest of the day. So SuperCuts here we come...tomorrow. After the unsuccessful haircut we went out to have lunch with the hubby and left there around 1ish. Stopped at Goodwill and what should have been an in and out visit turned out to be AN HOUR. Oh my goodness, I was only looking at the one rack, and pretty quick too, and tried on about 10 shirts. Anyway, it is now 2pm and I need gas in the car. I made it home just in time to get the boys. Had to pick TJ up from tutoring and off we went to Summerville to get the workbooks. Aggrivation comes next when the store I went to, and spoke to yesterday and was told they would have the books today, and they only have 1 book that I needed. Ugh!!
On the way back home I stopped at Agape and picked up the book they had there and ordered the other book I needed. YAY! Should have just had him order it yesterday when I was there.  So I got most of them and managed to get a book to make my 10-yr old upset (it's the 4th grade multiplication workbook hehe).

We are waiting for the Wipe-Off Animal ABC's book. The Trace and Color is just a regular workbook.

On a positive happy note, Jason coaches small fry basketball for the recreation center and tonight was their first game (TJ is on the team too but was not allowed to play because he kept causing a fuss about doing his homework all week long). We won!!! 12-10 in OT (overtime). It was a really great game and the kids played their hearts out. I love that. I love the parents too. They were so lively and really made it even more enjoyable. Our next game is on Saturday.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Already slacking off

But I have a really good excuse though. Sunday night/Monday morning my youngest son decided to get sick in his bed. Ok, he didn't decide to it just happened. But then the rest of the early, early morning was so much fun. It included throwing up in my bed and then getting up 256 times to "really puke this time" which in fact meant "Hey mommy, let's count the tiles in the bathroom together." So needless to say, even after getting another 2 hours sleep after the older two went to school I was still pretty out of it and poor Sam was dragging butt too. You could really tell he wasn't feeling well because 1) he didn't eat a thing and 2) he barely moved from the chair all day. He didn't have a fever until 6 pm Monday night but after a dose of Motrin was A-OK and 100% on Tuesday.

Tuesday I have no excuse for not posting other than I just didn't really have anything interesting to post about. I did however make homemade french bread to go with dinner and it was super yummy. Here is a pic.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Point of my blog.

Guess I should actually get to the purpose of this blog. The whole point of Gina of All Trades is that I love to do all sorts of 'crafty' things (scrapbook, decorating cakes, baking, sewing, etc.) and I wanted to showcase my art for the world to see. Other than the various other sites I frequent that I post most of  them on.

So here is a sampling of what I like to do most.


Cake Decorating

and Sewing

Just a few things for now. As I start doing more again I will upload those pics as well.

I Know Right!

If Jason had a choice in the matter, that phrase would be included in the list of banned words for 2009. I say it all.the.time. For no clear reason either. My sister does too. So much so that neither of us know who said it first and who 'stole' it from who. No real meaning to this other than I said it today and everytime I do now reminds me that he doesn't like it. Guess what phrase is staying in my vocabulary in 2010???

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Going to try this out

I feel that I am fairly competent with the Internet and computers. I am, after all, taking online classes through the local college to get my associates degree in Administrative Office Technology. Expected date of graduation, May 2011. Woo Hoo. I have Yahoo'd, MySpace'd, and Facebook'd (I am slightly addicted to that one, I love all my "friends"). But I have never really tried the whole blogging thing. So we will see how this works out.

I see lots of other people out there with really cool sites and lots of interesting information and it seems simple enough. It can't really be all that hard...Can it?